Ashwin Prasad S V

Mobile: +49 171-554-0288
LinkedIn: ashwin-prasad-sv
One-Page Resume: PDF


University of Paderborn - Networking Department

Student Research Assistant –– September 2019 - Current

  • Involved in the research and development of 5G programmable network infrastructure under the "5G-PICTURE" project funded by the EU
  • Lead the development efforts to demonstrate our research in a recent technical meeting with the project partners held in Barcelona.
  • Currently working on a research paper as a co-author by implementing proposed ideas, experimenting and providing statistical evidence.

Diebold Nixdorf

Student Developer –– September 2017 - September 2019

  • Worked closely with the release manager to successfully develop a series of business process automation tools that helped in optimizing the company's resources. This had a direct impact on how the tasks were assigned to developers
  • Designed and implemented a metrics dashboard that provides actionable insights regarding the development process
  • Monitored and helped developers in continuous integration and build management topics

Fracktal Works

Software Developer –– March 2016 - March 2017

  • Lead the initial development efforts, designed the core architecture and built an IoT home security product from ideas to proof of concept.
  • Conceptualized and implemented new features into existing desktop software and firmware for 3D printers.
  • Designed and deployed data aggregation strategy for collection and analysis of usage metrics to understand client behavior.


Software Developer –– April 2015 - March 2016

  • Involved in open source development, testing and deployment of 3D printer software and firmware along with the cloud based web apps.
  • Represented the company at various events and exhibitions. Hosted educational talks about 3D Printing for students and corporate groups.

University of Paderborn – Germany

Master of Science in Computer Science
2017-2020 (estimated) • Grade: 1.7 (until now)

Visvesvaraya Technological University – Bangalore, India

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
2011-2015 • Grade: First Class


University of Paderborn

  • Project Group - SCrAMblE Grade: 1.0 link
    • Title: "Management of Services Across Multiple Clouds"
    • Managed a team of 8 master students for 1 year as part of the project work at the university.
    • Took key decisions on architecture and system design topics.
    • The work and findings of our research work successfully contributed to the "5G-PICTURE" project.
  • Build it, Break it, Fix it Grade: 1.3 link
    • Practical security based contest where teams build, exploit and fix security aspects of a system.
    • Our team stood second in the university.
  • Seminars Grade: 1.0, 1.7

Diebold Nixdorf

  • Software Agent for Issue Management
    • Built a tool to efficiently handle incoming issues and feature requests from developers for a retail software.
    • Software agent was responsible for automating the initial life cycle of the issue and effectively assigning the issue to the responsible teams once approved by the internal standards.
    • What started as an idea between me and my manager was eventually deployed in practice and proved to be very effective.
  • Data Visualization Dashboard
    • Built a series of dashboards which involved collection and visualization of various actionable metrics.
    • One example is a dashboard that shows the actions and impact of running the software agent.

Fracktal Works

  • CareVision link
    • Linux based IoT home security product with an array of sensors and unique software features. Termed as "Emotionally intelligent" device.
    • Designed and implemented video processing pipelines for capturing and encoding multiple video streams from camera.
    • Implemented unique new features such as "timelapse to video mapping" which are patent pending.
    • Built a python based middleware for a linux embedded system.
    • Proven ability to work with hardware components by building circuits on breadboard for testing.
  • Fractory link
    • Online eco-system for 3D printing and rapid prototyping.
    • Proposed and implemented proof of concept of a cloud based cost estimator for building parts.
    • Improved open-source python desktop GUI used to print 3D printing models. Added features such as auto orientation of models to improve ease of use.


    • Represented EZ3 as a technical guide at the IMTEX expo, one of the india's prestigious expos.
    • Gave a brief technical overview of 3D printing to potential clients.
  • Open-source Software
    • UNKIA: Customized open-source 3D printer firmware based on a project called "Marlin". Lead to a pull request on the main repository.
    • EZ-Remote: Customized open-source wireless 3D Printing setup which includes an android app and a python server running on Raspberry pi.
    • PartOrder: Conceptualized and implemented a python based B2B desktop ordering software for our repeat customers.
  • Company WebApps
    • Built the company website and other small useful web applications for the clients on the website.
Other Projects
RTCHub - Home Monitoring with Machine Learning doc

Firmware - Middleware - Cloud - App, Complete solution built from scratch. Showcasing my cross-domain ideas and development skill set.

PDL - Pocket Data Logger preview

Built a production device for a structural engineer capable of recording metrics from an array of sensors such as IMU, Camera, GPS, Wheel and Temperature. Controlled using a dashboard which includes a HUD display of data over the video stream.

Election Result Analysis github

A simple web scrapper to list and count the total votes gained by a particular political party

Multi-Language Name Printer github

A python program that takes a name and prints it in various indian languages. Developed for crowd engagement at a university event.


Co-Founded a service oriented start-up at 16 years

Project Mentor For Bachelor Students

Project mentor for 4 teams of final year engineering under VTU University.
Domain: IoT, Embedded Systems, CNC Machines

More projects on my GitHub... link
Tools & Technologies


Linux Object Oriented Design Scripting Test Driven Documentation H/W Interfacing


Python (fluent) C/C++ (prior experience) Java (prior experience) JavaScript (comfortable) PowerShell (fluent)


Git Jenkins Docker CI Agile/Scrum Office Tools Atlassian Tools Slack


REST MQTT Flask lighttpd Nginx Postman WebRTC


MySQL Postgres MongoDB Gstreamer FFMPEG OpenCV Tex Ansible Matplotlib OpenStack Kubernetes ReadtheDocs SDN

Panorama Photography link

50+ 360° Panoramas with ~ 4 Million+ views.

Lucid Dreaming

Dream Journal of about 200+ dreams.

Cricket, Volleyball Player profile

Active Member of the Paderborn Panthers cricket club and a state level volleyball player at school.

Indian Classical Music

Know the basics and can identify some ragas and a violin beginner.

Power Lifting photo

125 kilo Deadlift!


Primarily non-fiction books.